Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I love the hawkwatch

I have been watching hawks and migrating birds of prey for about 14 years. Observing hawks in migration never gets old for me. I was living in Veracruz Mexico when I observed my first swirling kettle filled with thousands of Broad-winged hawks. This migratory experience captured my imagination, it was and still is magical to observe. Every year for the past 14 years, I participate two times a year (spring and fall) in the "ritual"of the hawkwatch.
The dynamic of observing migrating raptors is constantly changing. One moment you can be observing distant "raptor specks" as they navigate their migration and the next capture a fantastic view of a low flying hungry juvenile Cooper's hawk in search of food.  The visuals of the bird of prey migrations are constantly changing. I have been fortunate enough to lead birding tours over the past years to share this phenomena with many people.
For the past few years I have teamed up with Simon Thompson of Ventures Birding Tours to conduct a  fall tour of the peak of the raptor migrations in Veracruz.  Going birding with Simon is a lot of FUN. His knowledge and passion for birding is top notch. This year both Simon and myself want to invite birders everywhere to  experience the Veracruz Hawkwatch tour. The date for the first tour is September 26- Oct.3 and the second tour is Oct. 3- Oct 10.  For information

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Migration observations March 8, 2011

Paso de Ovejas Veracruz. Wish you were here. I have been observing  raptor migrations for about a week now. No heavy movements so far...mainly TV's. Yesterday I spotted 120 high flying Mississippi kites. Today I had my first accipiter, a Cooper's hawk. Have seen several Ospreys.  As for migrating aquatics...... beautiful swirling clouds of Anhinga.

I have been going out early for general birding (I got 55 species in two hours the other day.
Here a a few pics of species that I have photographed recently.

Masked Tityra

I will be keeping you updated here as the migration continues.  Twitter  @mexicohawkwatch
Good birding All.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Laughing falcon Herpetotheres cachinnans

The Laughing falcon can be found in Veracruz Mexico....  this Falcon has a far carrrying laugh and as one gets close.... its head bobs. The falcon does not soar in thermals, and is most often seen perched. Its primary diet is snakes. here a a few pics that I have taken of the Laughing Falcon.

Spring Hawkwatch  tour...Veracruz April 12-21   contact me for details.
Eyes to the sky,
David McCauley