Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Gearing up for the spring hawkwatch 2012 in Veracruz Mexico

I have been putting the finishing touches on my spring 2012 Hawkwatch tours here in Veracruz. I have selected  4 locations. Tour dates are April 6-14 April 16-24.   Yesterday I was up on the ranch and I observed territorial behavior with one of the Aplomado falcons (it chased away a Caracara on the neighboring property) I think that the pair have a nest started already!  I will check it out later this week.
I am inviting birders/hawkwatchers everywhere to come down and experience the spring raptor migrations.
for more info contact me David McCauley  hawkwatch@gmail.com 
Cerro de las Borrachas, Cerro Azul, Veracruz

1,060 feet above sea level and great panoramic views for the hawkwatch.

Zone-tailed hawk

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Spring Hawk Watch 2012 Veracruz Mexico

I am trying something new in 2012, a spring hawk watch in Veracruz that incorporates birding, hawk watch, natural tropical gardening/farming (making a compost), a cheese making class (mozzarella and ricotta) a couple of Mexican cooking classes, tree planting up on the Aplomado ranch. All of this in the beautiful setting of the Huasteca foothills and mountains. On this 9 day 8 night trip we will experience the marvel of the spring raptor migration, do some tropical birding and experience my project up on the ranch/garden in sustainability and work with local families in a rural/agritourism project.

I have selected two dates for the spring tours.
April 6-14
April 16-24
The cost for the 8 night 9 day  tour is $1,200 USD per person.
Each tour will be limited to 6 persons. 
The tour will begin and end in Mexico City ( we will travel by first class bus to Cerro Azul)