Friday, September 23, 2005

This is the point where I observed from yesterday (Sept.22) I am shaded by a huge mango tree. The light winds from the NNW create a rustling sound as it passes through the sugar cane. It is hot 32C - 90 F.
The raptor migration numbers were not high yesterday (235 counted in 5 hours) but the diversity of birds of prey (16 species) was well worth the time spent. Migratory raptors observed: Broad-winged hawk(79), Mississippi kite(136), Osprey (8), Turkey Vulture (11) Swainson´s hawk (1)
Non migratory raptors:
Black vulture, Roadside hawk, Northern Caracara, Snail kite, Great black hawk, White-tailed kite, Laughing falcon, Aplomado falcon, Lesser yellow-headed savannah vulture, Common black hawk and Black collared hawk. Its always a treat to see this type of diversity.

In addition to raptors observed I was able to observe 35 bird species in the patch of trees behind me. Great kiskadee, blue-gray tanager, yellow-winged tanager, Rufous-naped wren, vermilion flycatcher, melodious blackbird, wood stork, anhinga, eastern kingbird, buff-bellied hummingbird, aztec parakeet, white collared swift, social flycatcher, rufous-tailed hummingbird, ringed kingfisher, whit ibis, Ruddy ground-dove, plain chachalaca, groove-billed ani...........

A couple of men chopping wood nearby stopped to chat when they were done working and shared their "find " with me a scorpion that was underneath the bark of the dead tree that they were cutting up for firewood. (They had clipped the stinger off the point of the tail)
You never know what you are going to see on a hawk watch!

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