Monday, April 05, 2004

About as good as it gets. Tlacotalpan hawkwatch "sizzled" today(CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO. The day began with the filming of a new Mexican soap opera in Plaza Dona Marta. The rest of the day was good solid raptor movement. 8 species of raptors moved through today. Broad-winged hawks were by far the most abundant (13,875) Here is a pic of one "stream" of Broad-winged hawks, I counted over 1,500 in this one group. I WAS ABLE TO GET SOME PICS of what I believe to be a low flying juvie Cooper's hawk being pursued by some other birds.
Toward the end of the day's hawk watch, I noticed these girls playing with their pet racoon in the plaza. they came over to read the tally boad and I was able to get a pic

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