Saturday, April 10, 2004

THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL! click to see photo
April 9, 2004 near perfect hawk watch conditions today high temp of 31C-84F and a consistent gentle breeze for most of the day.
Between 12:00-13:00 the sky filled with Broad-winged hawks, At one time I could observe 6 "kettles" at the same time. I counted the major streams but lost some of the smaller groups.
The hour count for Broad-winged hawks was 8,524.
the afternoon was nice with breeze and a good raptor mix riding the thermals over Plaza Dona Marta and no big hurry. In the afternoon raptors can fly in quite low making for some great views. We got a visit from a resident Roadside hawk looking a bit tattered
11 migrating raptors observed today plus 4 resident species for a total of 15 species observed.
Non-raptor species observed (21).
Around 11:00a.m. hundreds of thousands of migrating dragonflies passed by in a five minute period.

Daily Total 13,792 Total for the Month of April 57,928

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