Friday, April 02, 2004

On April 1st I launched the second year of the Spring Hawk watch here in Tlacotalpan. This year by means of my weblog I hope to be able to share this with more people. Here is the info on the Hawk watch for April 2nd.

23C rising to a high of 27C
Slightly overcast, hazy.
Afternoon winds 12-14 km per hour from N

A geat observation day with a nice mix of raptors.
Great concentrations of broad-winged hawks in the a.m.
over 8,000 from 9:30-12:00p.m.
I spotted one low flying resident yellow headed savannah vulture.

Turkey Vulture 21

Osprey 18

Mississippi kite 57

Northern Harrier 3

Sharp-shinned hawk 5

Cooper's Hawk 6

Broad-winged hawk 9,675

Swainson's hawk 8

American kestrel 8

Merlin 1

Peregrine falcon 3

Unidentified raptors 316

DAY TOTAL 10,121

23 other bird species observed. House sparrow, rock pigeon, scissor tailed flycatcher, vermilion flycatcher, great kiskadee, tropical kingbird, great egret, white ibis, cattle egret, golden-fronted woodpecker, magnificent frigatebird, gray-breasted martin, northern rough-winged swallow, neotropic cormorant, barn swallow, white-collared swift, american white pelicans (762) anhinga (26) wood stork (8) great-tailed grackle, crested caracara, least sandpiper, laughing gull

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