Thursday, October 13, 2005

I am taking a "break" today...the combination of heat, humidity and sun communicated to my body that I needed to sit this one out. Below is a photo that I took yesterday at San José Papaloapan Veracruz. (CLICK for a larger view)

The fall migration is incredible. Yesterday as I was watching for migrating raptors here in Veracruz, I was able to note the energy of the southward flow of the non- raptors.
There was not a single moment that there was not some type of migratory movement.
V´s of white and white faced ibis flying low over the fields of sugar cane with a backdrop of crystal blue skies and a dollop here and there of white puffy clouds.
As the breeze comes in gently from the NNE it offers a little relief fron the heat and humidity of the tropics.
Waves of swallows pass............ Barn, Cliff, Northern rough-winged and Tree swallows, at times I witness countless thousands pass by in a single day.
I love to watch the groups of white collared swifts, on the far horizon, when they gather in a thermal they can be sometimes mistaken for raptors.
Wood storks a treat........their grace in flight, the striking contrast of white, black and the dazzling blue background of the they enter a thermal they all circle in unison, at times the group seems to dissapear as they slowly turn, then as if by magic they reappear in bright white flashes of reflected sunlight off their wings.
The Wood storks and American white pelicans move slowly and relaxed, they easily zigzag off of the north to south line of the compass.
The distinctive shape of the Anhinga and it´s movement in unison as they enter thermal is another visual pleasure.
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The flapping wings and flashing of pink of the Scissor-tailed flycatcher as the move south in search of an abundant food source. (I have seen hundreds in a single day)
I consider myself most fortunate.......I only counted 17 birds of prey yesterday but it was offset by the scenic beauty and movement in the sky of birds on the move....... southward.

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